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UK and Ireland representatives for Rheon, Kortlever, Nothum and Infrabaker. Food production equipment specialists and bakery process experts.

Rheon Automatic Machinery

Rheon have been established for over 60 years and are pioneers of Rheological food engineering. They specialise in the fields of encrusting equipment and Stress Free ® bakery technology. The encrusting equipment is used across a wide range of foods and sectors including bakery, meat, fish, confectionery, snack and dairy.

Rheon Encrusting
Stress Free ® Bakery
Filled Quark Doughnuts
Steamed Breads

Technisch Buro Kortlever BV

Kortlever provide state of the art food production equipment and factory logistic systems. They specialise in topping equipment and pizza lines, crate handling, bakery equipment and meat processing

Bakery Equipment

Bulk fermentation systems, bowl lifts, star-cutter chunkers, roll plants, extruders, bread lines, paternoster proofing and cooling systems, inline retarders and proofers, product buffers, automated tray handling, panning systems and conveyoring. Kortlever also specialise in a wide range of topping equipment with full pizza topping lines.

Kortlever Bakery

Crate Handling and Factory Logistics

Kortlever are an established and growing family run business operating from their manufacturing site in Meerkerk, The Netherlands. They have been manufacturing food production equipment for 30 years and are proud to have some of Europe’s leading food suppliers as their customers. Over that time time they have focused on certain areas of equipment design. The automation of food factories have led them to being specialists in crate, tray, basket handling and logistics.

Kortlever crate handling


Deboning and cutting systems, cutting tables and conveyors, product and container transport, eurobin lifts are all available from Kortlever. We also supply lines and solutions for the manufacturing of bacon wrapped sausages and chicken cordon bleu/kievs.

Kortlever meat processing

Kortlever Total Solution Provider

Batter, Breading and Frying


Depending on the age and condition of your machine it may be beneficial to organise a service visit from our specialist technical team. For Rheon equipment we can organise an inspection of the equipment and general health check of our unit machines from the engineering team. We can also organise a visit from one of the food technicians to assist with new products, operator  re-skilling or hygiene training. For Kortlever machines we can inspect the lines for normal running operation and any general wear and tear. Kortlever can also provide training on operation, hygiene and maintenance of their lines. Please call the office or email enquiries@lfmltd.co.uk 

'cooking at the speed of light

Infrabaker ® represents the total range of infrared ovens developed by Infrabaker International.

Based in Belgium

Energy efficient modular Infrabaker® uses its energy directly to heat up the product, there is no medium needed

Energy Efficient

The new compact Infrabaker with top and bottom emitters. You only consume energy when there is product inside the Infrabaker.

Consistent Quality

The direct radiation of the heat on the product results in a minimal loss of liquids and generally a higher yield than competing systems

Test Units Available

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