Tried and Tested

Rheon offer the use of their test facilities in Dusseldorf. This is conveniently located next to Dusseldorf International Aiport, so short visits for tests, demonstrations and seminars don't have to be long days. Dusseldorf is the home of Rheon Europe and you will not only find the test facilities here but also technical, service and sales departments.

Rheon Europe

Rheon Europe

Rheon Europe Headquarters and test facilities. Tiefenbroicher Weg 30, 40472 Dusseldorf. Adjacent to Dusseldorf International Airport.

Rheon Welcome

Rheon welcome you into their facility and you are greeted by their knowledgable team. Throughout, there are examples of Rheons work around the world.

Sample Library

Take a look at the library of food samples from around the world. This is great for ideas on shapes, sizes, recipes and material combinations.

In House Seminars

Attend a free in-house seminar on encrusting or stress free bakery. Keep up to date with the schedule by visiting our news page or contacting us.


The in-house seminars are complimented by live demonstrations on the related equipment making a variety of product concepts.

Unit Machine Tests

Test you products on the range of unit dividers and options. Rheon have ovens, mixers, proofers and retarders to complete the tests.

Encruster Tests

Rheon have a complete range of encrusters with options to test your product concepts along with the help from Rheons experienced technicians.

Bakery Line Tests

You may be looking to test for larger capacity and so Rheon have a range of lines and modules to demonstrate and test your product.

So many products

Rheon are experienced in so many sectors and have helpful knowledge on process and products to aid you with achieving your goal.

To book a date in the test facility contact us