Infrabaker® represents the total range of infrared ovens developed by Infrabaker International. The ovens are designed to cook, colour,melt, disinfect and/or mature a wide range of food products such as bacon, chicken, burgers, salmon, dough, vegetables, cheese. Using the latest developments you will achieve the right results also for rounded products with the use of the rolling transfer belt.The process does not require any other medium such as cooking oil, hot air, steam or thermal oil. The direct radiation of the heat on the product results in a minimal loss of liquids and generally a higher yield than competing systems. Starting up and product switching times are practically non-existent. The infrared emitters reach their full capacity within seconds and cool down just as quickly. The emitters are self-cleaning and optionally a belt washing station can be integrated. Infrabaker® stands for high yields, energy efficiency, an oil-free cooking process, constant product quality and high flexibility. Please take a look at the example datasheets below for different products processed on the Infrabaker and their resultant cooking times.


The Infrabaker R&D line is specifically designed for test and R&D kitchens.  It is the perfect solution to try out new product recipes using IR technology.  It allows to test all types of foods and different kind of processes: cooking, baking, coloring, melting, deglazing...

R&D Line

This line combines maximum movability with a compact exterior.  With its integrated electrical cabinet and air management system, you are able to move this unit from one side of your production facility to another with no extra installation work.  Simply plug in and apply the infrared technology whenever and wherever it is needed.

compact line

The best option for large scale productions, this line offers a modular design in both width and length, without compromising the flexibility that infrared processing offers.  There are 3 standard widths available: an effective processing width of 600 mm, 900 mm or 1200 mm. The length is also variable and can be extended in sections of 3 meters.

modular line