Rheon Encrusters

Rheon pioneered the encrusting machine over 50 years ago. Originally conceived for the production of Japanese sweet goods, Daifuku mochi, which is commonly a sticky rice starch dough filled with a sweet paste. The equipment has evolved into a range of machinery which spans a broad range of food products for different industries but the basic rheological principles remain the same. The basic machine can encrust (make a filled product with up to 3 materials including a solid), co-extrude and divide (single material deposit) but there are endless possibilities of what ingredients can be used and what shapes can be formed. Below you can explore the core range of our encrusting machinery and ancillary options including the new KN551 single lane encruster and WN155 twin lane encruster.

Encrusting Machines

KN551 Encruster

Encrusting is a unique term applied by Rheon for coextruding filled products but it is so much more than that. Here is a small explanation of the Rheon method.


KN001 'Table Top'

The table top encruster was designed for shop and commercial kitchen use, For low volumes, it can produce up to 20 pieces per minute 


KN135 Encruster

The KN135 is a versatile encrusting machine with a capacity of 280kg per hour, has a product weight range between 10 and 250g, up to 6,000 pcs/hr.


'Versatile and Adaptable'

WN155 Encruster

The NEW twin lane WN155 supercedes the WN055. The encruster can double the speed of the standard single lane machine


WN066 Encruster

The twin lane WN066 encruster can double the speed of the standard KN550 single lane machine, ideal for sticky products


MN200 Megaformer

The MN200 has a capacity of up to 3,000 kg per hour for filled and unfilled products, it can produce up to 24,000 pcs. per hr.


'Hundreds of Product Possibilities'

MN400 Megaformer

The MN400 has a capacity of up to 3,000 kg per hour for filled and unfilled products, it can produce up to 48,000 pieces per hour



The Multi-Confectioner by Rheon is a compact, high-performance encrusting machine for confectionary food products


Multi-Head Encruster

A versatile solution to higher capacity encrusting, the Multihead machine has 3 main operation types shown below. The Multihead can process doughs


'Many Options to FurtherEnhance'

Solid Feeder Option

The solid feeder delivery whole objects into the centre of you product. For example hotdogs, eggs. Integral to the manufacture of scotch eggs


Ultrasonic Cutter

The ultrasonic cutter can be produced with different width blades. It is simple to use and can cut pieces upto 100 times per minute. Clean and accurate cutting


Compact Panner

The compact panner fits neatly to the end of the encrusting line to delivery your products onto the baking tray


'Accurate, Central Filling'

Empinada Former

The New empinada former from Rheon is a two stage moulder forming D-Shaped pastries like empinadas


Filled Ring Nozzle

This is an optional nozzle that can be used to make ring shape breads or pastries with or without filling.


Twist Nozzle

Many varieties of twists can be made with Rheon equipment, this method is using the encruster 


'Superb Weight Control'

Double Filling Feeder

The DFF pump is used when a third filling is required in you encrusted product or a liquid filling centre


Heat Stamping Device

Further enhances your product by stamping the encrusted piece with a bespoke designed mould 


US Cookie Cutter

The new ultrasonic cookie cutter fits into a modified KN551 to provide a seamless cut for fine detail